Grid Post: A newsletter about the places where nature and social media meet.

Grid Post is a newsletter about the places and spaces where social media and nature collide. It explores how platforms like Instagram are changing the way we interact with the environments around us.

Although social media features change constantly, a ‘grid post’ is what people on Instagram have called the photos or videos they share to their main feed. These posts are often curated using patterns or colours to maintain a beautiful, appealing aesthetic on their profile.

But a grid is also a network of ‘regular squares on a map that are marked with numbers or letters to enable a place to be precisely located.’ Maps allow us to understand somewhere and find ourselves within it. Digital technology, from online mapping providers to social media platforms themselves, have expanded this so that recommendations, reviews and geotagging have changed the way we travel in the twenty-first century.

Posts will be shared every week exploring these tensions and how we might embrace alternatives like slower travel and switching off.

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